Healing in your hands

Parenting and Therapeutic Coaching

We are all products of our generational lineage. I’m here to help you connect the dots, to free yourself from toxic patterns, to improve your relationships with yourself and those closest to you.

Through working with me you will start to learn how to…

Overcome reactivity

To see your children for who they really are

To communicate and connect better with your children

To make mindful present choices

Create healthy boundaries


Work with your past to decode and reprogram habitual patterns that no longer serve you in the present…

So you can develop deep connections with your children and those closest to you.

Using action based therapy, I work with you to identify and reframe past trauma and residual behavioural patterns.

Parenting is not about getting it right and it’s not about being perfect. Parenting is a singular journey for each and every one of us.

Explore your personal journey with deep and meaningful curiosity; evolving strategies to resolve endless power struggles and release constant disputes. Discover a new wisdom and a deeper awareness of both yourself and those around you.

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“I have been thinking about our last session lots – it was amazing. I can’t believe all the connections and the impact it still has on my life. I can’t thank you enough for making me work through this – I would never have done this without you.”


“Amiee is incredibly insightful and intuitive, our sessions so far have left me with a feeling of clarity, direction, and self empowerment. Amiee has encouraged me to look within  and connect with myself  in order to move forwards, and I will continue to work with Aimee for guidance and self understanding as needed.”


“I feel lighter and calmer and clearer about the way forward after our sessions. She is empathetic and kind and fun with lots of energy.”


“The sessions I had with Amiee were insightful. She took me out of my comfort zone and made me face issues and worries about myself and my work. She challenged me and pushed me in directions I would never have taken without her advice. Since seeing Amiee I have thrown myself into my project and am feeling super excited to see how it develops.”


“Your sessions are always really helpful, you taught me to scream; you showed me it was ok to loosen my grip. You listened with compassion and stopped the whirl long enough for me to take a breath.”



Using action based therapy I work with my clients to identify and reframe past trauma and residual behavioural patterns. Together we join the dots; in examining, exploring and understanding that what may have worked for us before may now be serving as our biggest hurdle.

We work together to develop the tools to move forward and make meaningful change. We re-write the script. 

Conscious Parenting Coach: CPMC Certified

Certified NLP Master Practitioner: ABNLP Certified

Certified Standard Coaching Practitioner: Nina Madden School Life Changes

Currently studying trauma and shame through the National Institute for the Clinical Application of Behavioural Medicine

Certified Crystal Healer: Hibiscus Moon Crystal Academy


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