About Me

and my approach

In my role as a therapeutic coach I work with the past to decode and reprogram habitual patterns that no longer serve us in the present. Using action based therapy I work with my clients to identify and reframe past trauma and residual behavioural patterns.

Together we join the dots; in examining, exploring and understanding that what may have worked for us before may now be serving as our biggest hurdle. By acknowledging toxic programming and trauma response patterns we can action the release chains. We work together to develop the tools to move forward and make meaningful change. We rewrite the script. 

We are all products of our past…

Our experiences shape us and help us move through the world with knowledge and wisdom. However, experience also has its downsides, teaching us both conscious and unconscious lessons which can lead to damaging habits and toxic programming.

I am no exception and my journey is not unusual. It took a bout of rather debilitating, soul destroying and gut wrenching post natal depression (baby number one!) and a cross coastal move for me to understand that something had to change. I wasn’t living a life. I was living patterns and habits. None of which reflected who I actually was or how I really wanted to be living. 

I was totally at sea. but after after battling with mental illness I knew I wasn’t prepared to live in a way that didn’t fill me up to the brim anymore. 

This is where I discovered the world of wellness.

It changed everything.

I was introduced to bio feedback. To reconnective healing. To myself. I started to learn about the power of my own brain.

My big issue was that all the therapy I had tried (I repeat “I”, we are all different) in the past only went so far. It didn’t quite do the trick for me. The pain was still there. the repeated behaviour still repeating. The negative thoughts still running rings around my mind.

I wanted to find a different way for me and for other people to really get back to themselves. I was pretty sure that my (and other peoples) issues were not in my conscious mind enough to even start really clearing and creating a new balance. I knew I needed to get deeper.

How could I learn to work on the “real” issues so that I (and now my clients) didn’t have to spend a lifetime trying to treat the conscious symptoms (ie, anxiety, insomnia, depression, phobias, repeated toxic relationships, loneliness, commitment phobia)

So often we are coming into a session with clear “ideas” of where we feel we are going “wrong”; what we need to “fix”; how our lives “should” be different. How “we” should be different.  

Let’s rewrite the script.

I am here to help you become the kind of parent you want to be.
To be proud of how you are showing up for your kids.

We all intend to raise our children to become competent, confident adults. We can start this journey with integrity by surrendering our conditioned illusory sense of power and control. In doing so, we see in real time that connection and containment are the essential tools of conscious parenting, rather than discipline and control, which result in resentment, disrespect and rebellion.

All too often we find ourselves struggling to keep boundaries, losing our cool, over pleasing or under delivering.

We end up knee deep in reactivity and self loathing. Not living up to the ideals we’ve set ourselves and frustrated that our children and loved ones are not living up to the expectations we have for them.

It is a vicious circle of shame and resentment.

This loop of resistance and rebellion keeps us stuck.

What is the solution?

Evolving our consciousness could be just the medicine we need.

Navigate your journey with deep and meaningful exploration.

Learn to develop strategies that will irreversibly shift your relationships with those you care for the most.                  

Discover new ways to interact with your children and partner in each moment to create deeper connections and help everyone realise their authentic potential.

In my personal approach to conscious parenting I explore how to be more mindful, to be more authentic and more connected. Developing and nurturing the benefits of personal growth and awareness, not just in yourself, but in all those who surround you.

Meet your more self confident, more autonomous children.

Connect with your less reactive and more present partner.

Learn to accept and reconnect with who you truly are.

Through this work you will learn to reduce reactivity and co dependance. You will foster connection over resistance, calm rather than chaos, authenticity over anxiety, and responsibility over blame.

“The sessions I had with Amiee were insightful. She took me out of my comfort zone and made me face issues and worries about myself and my work. She challenged me and pushed me in directions I would never have taken without her advice. Since seeing Amiee I have thrown myself into my project and am feeling super excited to see how it develops.”


“Your sessions are always really helpful, you taught me to scream; you showed me it was ok to loosen my grip. You listened with compassion and stopped the whirl long enough for me to take a breath.”


“Man, am I glad I worked with Amiee – she completely changed my mind! Her approach is so different to anyone else I’ve worked with as she uses her skills as a coach to help you look at challenging situations from a different perspective, giving you invaluable insight. By the end of the session I felt so much clearer and lighter. I can’t recommend her enough.”


Conscious Parenting Coach: CPMC Certified

Certified NLP Master Practitioner: ABNLP Certified

Certified Standard Coaching Practitioner: Nina Madden School Life Changes

Currently studying trauma and shame through the National Institute for the Clinical Application of Behavioural Medicine

Certified Crystal Healer: Hibiscus Moon Crystal Academy

Are you ready for meaningful change?

Work with your past to decode and reprogram habitual patterns that no longer serve you in the present…

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