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Why does this work focus on the parent over the child?

To really be able to see, hear and nurture children, we need to be looking through a clear lens that has not been fogged up by our own past experiences.

Engaging consciously sounds rather counter intuitive. It goes against what we have been taught about how to get results. For generations parenting has been about dominance, control and resistance.

To be more conscious is to see beyond the behaviour.

For example, for the most part we experience a child or teenager being rude and we take this as a violation to us. A behaviour that cannot be tolerated and must be stopped.

To be conscious is to really see that the behaviour is simply a cue that the child needs something. The behaviour is nothing to do with the adult and there is no need to control it for fear of said child being banished from society. What needs to happen is to connect to the need of the child, to establish what is needed so that the child can regain balance. The result? The need to act out, be rude or be aggressive is no longer present.

We simply don’t act out when we feel emotionally satiated. We don’t lie when we feel accepted and we don’t shut down when we trust we will be understood and heard.

This work takes time, patience and deep awareness from the adult. Deep awareness of what the child needs and deep awareness of when the adults needs and fears are taking centre stage. Each adult needs to know their weak spots, those that cloud their own personal lens and creates disconnection.

Who can benefit from conscious coaching?

Anyone who is alive and engaging with children and anyone who values their relationships with others.

Why is it important to practice conscious parenting?

Conscious parenting empowers children to become more self-confident, responsible and capable adults. The children of conscious parents trust their instincts, have enhanced resilience, and regulate their emotions and reactions with more efficiency.

How long does it take to become a conscious parent & partner?

There is no beginning and no end. This is not something you do, it is something you learn to embody. It is a new way to be and live in your world.

This work can take a few sessions to explore this new way of thinking, being and responding (for some it may take longer to understand and implement). This  approach is a life-long practice which involves becoming ever more aware and present in each moment.

Does it always work?

This is not a “how to”. There are no guarantees about outcome.

However there is always change with exploration.