Say Goodbye to Outdated Parenting Approaches

And instead get easy & effective strategies for parenting in the modern world

There are countless parenting books out there, workshops, YouTube videos, the list goes on.

But the question is, Why?

Because what we are doing at the moment isn’t working.

Our kids don’t want to listen to us. They don’t want to do what they’re asked.

They don’t want to spend time with us or even look up from their screens half of the time.

The parenting strategies we are using, are not working for us or our kids!

On this 5 day FREE video course, I will show you which parenting strategies we need to get rid of AND what you can do instead to get:

⭐️ More respect

⭐️ Less talk back

⭐️ Less acting out

⭐️ More honesty

⭐️ More accountability

⭐️ and definitely happier kids.

This course should cost over £1000 but I am gifting it to you for FREE

What you get:

✓ A daily video from me straight to your inbox for 5 days

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“You have given me so many tools to help me, I hope you never underestimate how your work helps families!”


“We are so much closer now, she talks to me more and opens up. I cannot thank you enough Amiee for what you have taught me. Life changing!”


“I can now embrace family life with much greater self knowledge & awareness which will hugely enhance my relationships with my sons in the years ahead.”


“I thought parenting was second nature, but there’s certain things that Amiee has taught me that have been incredible.”


Meet your host

Hi, I’m Amiee!

I’m a therapeutic parenting coach and a mum of two children.

I promise you that I have felt everything you are feeling right now.

I have felt the frustrations of relentless overwhelm alongside the crippling guilt of simply wanting to run away while at the same time wanting to never leave my children for a second.

I have coached hundreds of parents through the very same struggles over my last ten years in the mindfulness and wellness world.

I can promise you, once you learn about these three outdated parenting approaches and the effective alternatives, you will not see parenting the same way again.

Sign up to this FREE course, and I will give you the tools to help you, more consciously help your kids.

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