The Village

Your Private Online Parenting Community

In The Village we learn to develop strategies that will irreversibly shift the relationships with your children and help them grow into competent, confident adults. All with the support of other parents who are totally in the same boat!
It takes a Village to raise a family…

Feel like you are always losing your s@*t with your kids?

Can’t seem to keep to your word?

Don’t feel like your kids listen to a word you say?


It doesn’t have to be this way

Join The Village and learn how to…
Transform the way you perceive your children and how you communicate with them.
Gain deep insights into how you are currently parenting your kids and what needs to change to create a happier, healthier family.
Set healthy boundaries that embody what’s best for everyone… Including you!
Develop the skills to stop being reactive with your children.
Totally redefine what parenting is actually about.

Become a member of The Village

£29 per month

What do you get in The Village?

Monthly live Zoom calls with me where we answer all parenting questions. We explore Boundaries, Rules, Fighting, Sibling rivalry, Parental differences… No topic is off limits.
Regular interviews with amazing parenting, educational and wellness experts like Tara Porter, Charisse Simms and Anna McClure.
Regular activities and content to further your learning and develop your parenting consciousness.
Access to all past Q&A sessions so you can go back to specfic issues you may have missed.
Regularly updated reading lists and social media accounts to follow as your children grow.
A private WhatsApp group where the community can share and support each other 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
“Parenting feels different. We communicate with each other. They take more responsibility for themselves. {My kids} tell me more. I am more relaxed. We spend more time together”.


“Life with my kids is much better but I’m also finding things smoother with my partner. I’m finding out so much about my past and how it’s shaped me as a parent / person.”


“My whole family has gained from me doing this. I haven’t stopped talking about it, I think every parent should do it, it’s a game changer.”


We all know how lonely being a parent can be.

I have two children and I promise you that I have felt everything you are feeling right now.
I have never felt as alone in my whole life as I did when I had kids. I didn’t know where to turn, what to do or how to be.

I’ve sat up all night worrying about how they are, who they are going to be, and how I am going to protect them from every pain that life is going to throw at them.


Once I had done the work around what it took to live a connected and authentic life as a parent, with my children I made a promise to myself that I would share this knowledge with everyone and anyone so no parent has to feel like I did!

In The Village, you’ll learn from me, Amiee Carlton, Parenting and Therapeutic Coach (AND each other!) to change your relationships for good.

We support each other to support ourselves and our families. Together we can overcome reactivity, anxiety and fear.

You don’t need to do this alone.


Become a member of The Village and…

Stay more connected to your children

Be more of the parent you want to be

Be supported and feel less alone on your parenting journey

Be able to help your kids to help themselves and be more confident & empowered

£29 per month

“The result has transformed my parenting” – ROSIE, UK

“Every parent should do it” – COLETTE, UK

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is it important to practice more conscious parenting?
Conscious parenting empowers children to become more self-confident, responsible and capable adults.

The children of more conscious parents trust their instincts, have enhanced resilience, and regulate their emotions and reactions with more efficiency.

My child is older, am I too late to make a change?
It is never too late to change and improve your relationships. We can get so stuck on what has happened in the past and believe that all is lost. What is important is where you are now and how you can shift things moving forward. We all respond to changed behaviour.
What if I can't make the live calls?

All Q&A calls are recorded so that you can watch back if you miss any and you can email in your questions. We’ve also got the private WhatsApp group where we can chat between Zoom calls.

Is there a minimum commitment?

The Village is an automatically recurring monthly subscription but there’s no minimum commitment. Email me with at least 7 days notice before your next renewal to cancel your subscription.

Need more information? Email me at to ask your questions or book in a 15 minute call