Parenting Courses

Work with me 1:1 through parenting and therapeutic coaching, or with my online courses, The Parenting Revolution and The Roadmap.

If you have any questions about which courses may be right for you, please book a 15 minute complimentary call or email me at

The Parenting Revolution

In my 8 week online self-study course, you will learn how to break the handcuffs that are holding you back from truly enjoying your kids and your parenting experience.

Parenting is one of the toughest jobs and there is no training. We are bombarded with rules, ideals and expectations.

The Parenting Revolution finally offers you a fail safe way to reconnect with yourself and your children with no tricks and no hacks, so you can finally enjoy parenting.

The Roadmap

Whoever said the toddler years were tough hasn’t tried to raise a teenager!

The Roadmap is a new 4 week online programme specifically for parenting preteens and teens.

The teenage journey can be a windy road but The Roadmap is a perfect conscious parents guide to navigating the teenage years so you can handle all the twists and turns with ease, connection and confidence.

“My whole family has gained from me doing this course. I haven’t stopped talking about it, I think every parent should be taking this programme, it’s a game changer.”


“Parenting feels different. We communicate with each other. They take more responsibility for themselves. {My kids} tell me more. I am more relaxed. We spend more time together”


“[This programme is] one of the best gifts I have given not just myself, but to my children and my family. [The programme] was fascinating. It was transformative, life changing.”


“My family life has completely changed. I’m enjoying spending time with the kids and now look forward to it. I don’t find it so draining and a much more enjoyable place. Thank you Amiee.”


“This course is an absolute blessing, I can’t thank you enough, honestly. The growing relationship between my daughter, and not feeling like a shit mum all the time. Mind blowing.”