What people say about working with Amiee

“Finally I can see that everything starts totally with me, and all stems completely from me. I hadn’t fully grasped that before. And now I do.”


“I’m so grateful for this course, it’s not something you forget about. There is so much you take away.”


“How we parent has so much more to do with us than it does our children.”


“[This programme is] Giving me confidence that I can improve. I can be better. I just need to address my fears.”


Thank you so much for your amazing course. I’ve learnt some really great techniques and have noticed such a huge difference with my family. I have been recommending the course to other parents at KAS and really think everyone should be doing it. It’s been a very interesting journey about myself and I’ve loved learning with you and the other people in the sessions. Thank you so much.


“This course is an absolute blessing I can’t thank you enough honestly. The growing relationship between my daughter and not feeling like a shit mum all the time. Mind blowing.

Every parent needs to do this course.🙏”


“Amiee, thank you for all your wisdom and inspiration – it was incredible and has made me reflect on so many areas of my life. Thank you also to the rest of the group for your openness and ability to share – I saw myself in so many of your reflections.”


“[The parenting revolution was] such a safe, non judgemental space for us all. Thank you to you all for sharing and speaking so honestly. It has been really invaluable to learn from one another and not feel so alone on this parenting journey.”


“My family life has completely changed. I’m enjoying spending time with the kids and now look forward to it. I don’t find it so draining and a much more enjoyable place. Thank you Amiee.”


“Man am I glad I worked with Amiee – she completely changed my mind! Her approach is so different to anyone else I’ve worked with as she uses her skills as a coach to help you look at challenging situations from a different perspective, giving you invaluable insight.”


Parenting has been such a challenge for me, always questioning whether I am doing the right thing, how to navigate through situations.. having had a really challenging period with my children I decided to join Amiee’s 8 week course and what a journey it’s been. I was able to open up in a safe and supportive environment and realised I am not alone.

Through Amiee’s guidance and advice I have been given the tools to try and make positive changes in my parenting skills.. I have realised I can’t change the way my children behave but I can change the way I react.. letting go of what I thought relationships would be and actually looking at my 3 children as individuals and accepting them for who they are.

Over the course I had to really look at myself and be honest and let go of my perceptions and the history of how I was parented.

I cannot recommend this course more… It’s only been a week since the course was completed and I already miss Amiee, my fellow mums and also her snoring dog 🤣


“We all had different age children, some had one, some had four; All of different ages. I have a teenager. And the change in everybody in the last few weeks has been incredible.”


“[This programme is] one of the best gifts I have given not just myself, but to my children and my family. [The programme] was fascinating. It was transformative, life changing.”


“Life with my kids is much better but I’m also finding things smoother with my partner. I’m finding out so much about my past and how it’s shaped me as a parent / person.”


“My whole family has gained from me doing this course. I haven’t stopped talking about it, I think every parent should be taking this programme, it’s a game changer.”


“I have taken so much from my time with you Amiee! You’ve helped me make sense of age old patterns, & guided me on how to change them for the better. To make me more of a conscious mother, daughter & friend. I’ve especially been grateful for you with my concerns around my parenting. You’ve enabled me to trust & break away from my fears. Allowing me to give myself permission to not listen to the outside noise of what we feel is expected of us as parents – or what I’ve been conditioned to believe is “the right way”. Bed time & anxiety was a big one in my house. However once I learned to “let go” somewhat, my youngest immediately relaxed into it & slept! For that alone I couldn’t be more thankful! You’re a star ⭐️.


“The group setting just adds so much more value to the programme. It makes you feel less alone and vulnerable.”


“I just wanted to thank you for this course, it really is amazing and the benefits are huge. Thank you again, am just loving it, even the tough parts.”


“Finally I am being kind to myself. I have more self acceptance and I am finally learning to put my own oxygen mask on first.”


“I thought parenting was second nature, but there’s certain things that Amiee has taught me that have been incredible.”


“Amiee’s course is life changing. Her approach helps to identify patterns of behaviour which lead to insight and understanding. The result has transformed my parenting and given me much needed confidence in how I interact with my two sons. I joined the course just before the summer holidays and thanks to Amy’s careful guidance, I have enjoyed this time with them in a way that would have been impossible beforehand. Huge thanks to Amy for her thoughtful, sensitive yet always direct and clear approach. I feel I can now embrace family life with much greater self knowledge and awareness which I believe will hugely enhance my relationships with my sons in the years ahead.


“Without a doubt everyone should do this course for parenting.”


“It’s literally changed my life, thank you so much.”


“Its not really about our children, Its about us.”


“I know that people who do this course will take so much from it.”


“The way that Amiee explains things and unravels things makes it a much simpler, less complicated way to observe and witness how we parent.”


“Thanks again for everything Amiee. You really have changed so much for me for the better. Couldn’t be more grateful for your knowledge and the course.”


“The course has been amazing, thoroughly insightful and exactly what myself and my children needed.”


“I have been telling everyone about your course, it really has been a game changer for me, and I’m amazed how the whole family dynamics has changed, for the better.”


“I have just finished The Parenting Revolution course with Amiee and I can honestly say I am so grateful I did it. Absolutely life changing I have such a better relationship with my 8 year old daughter. Being on the course in a group was really comforting as it made me realise every parent is facing challenges as theres no book like they say to tell us what the hell we should be doing.

I now see her as her own person and not just a “child”. I must parent and control. Becoming aware of my own behaviour and triggers so I can help her with her emotions and help to manage them. Instead of trying to shut them down and fix it. I am no longer hard on myself and feeling the mummy guilt like I used to. Which is absolutely refreshing. We are so much closer, she talks to me more and opens up. I cannot thank you enough Amiee for what you have taught me. Life changing!”