Are you ready to change your relationship with your children for good?

Then it’s time for…

The Parenting Revolution

An exclusive 8 week group programme for parents ready to transform their relationship with their children

“Every parent should do it” – COLETTE, UK

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“The result has transformed my parenting” – ROSIE, UK

Can you imagine what life would be like if…

You didn’t have to stress over your kids exam results

You didn’t have to fight to get your kids to study/clean up/be respectful

Your kids tantrums didn’t terrify you

If you weren’t afraid every conversation was going to end in a fight

You could actually enjoy a weekend with the family

You weren’t constantly fighting with your kids

You weren’t always trying to fend off the “meltdown”

You weren’t ashamed of what you did or said

You actually knew what “the joy of parenting” felt like

You weren’t constantly losing your temper

You can achieve all of this and more with The Parenting Revolution

WARNING: This programme is not for you if…

You are not ready to do the work to deeply change your relationship with your kids

You don’t feel overwhelmed by all the “shoulds” of parenting

You don’t have any concerns about your relationship with your kids

You don’t find yourself in power struggles with your kids

You don’t feel exhausted trying to get everything right all the time

You feel totally connected and at peace with how you parent your kids

You don’t lie awake worrying about your kids grades, who they might marry or how they will ever get on the property ladder

You are fine yelling at your children

But you’re in the right place if…

You feel like you are always losing your sh*t with your kids and you’re constantly frustrated with them

You yearn for a deeper connection with your child and to enjoy spending time with them

You are ready to be your kids biggest cheerleader and embrace celebrating them for who they are

You are ready to let go of all the tiring expectations, comparisons and judgments

You desire to learn to love your kids for who they really are and not what everyone else thinks they should be

You want to start communicating and stop shouting

You are ready to release yourself from the all the doing, organising, stressing and start to enjoy “being” with your children

You want to stop constantly berating yourself for how you are handling your children

You know you need to start holding boundaries with your kids and actually follow through with them

You are ready to enjoy parenting… for good

What’s included in The Parenting Revolution?


This course takes place over Zoom, from the comfort of your own home

6 modules over 8 weeks

6 modules delivered over 8 weeks

Weekly meetings

We meet weekly to go through each module with exercises and Q&A


Full access to the membership area with your workbooks and bonus resources

Group setting

Simply log on to Zoom at the same time each week to enjoy your classes live with me and an intimate group of like minded parents

Recorded classes

Can’t make the class? Don’t worry, you won’t miss a thing – all classes will be recorded so you can watch them in your own time

I know what you’re thinking:

What is going to happen to my kids if I dont “teach” them how to be?

I’ve already tried everything

My kid is just difficult

If we don’t push our kids how will they learn

It’s my job to control them

Without control there is only chaos

This is just parenting

I hear you! I see you! You’ve read every book and every blog available and you are still stuck in the exact same place… Parenting hell.

I used to be where you are right now…

I hear you. And trust me, it doesn’t have to be this way.

Nothing has worked before because it has all been upside down and inside out. The only thing in life that we have the power to change is ourselves. From here we can do anything.

Together we are going to take back your power and transform your relationships

How do I know? How can I be so sure?

Because I live it daily in my own life and in my treatment room.

I am just like you.

I have two children and I promise you that I have felt everything you are feeling right now.

I’ve sat up all night worrying about how they are, who they are going to be, and how I am going to protect them from every pain that life is going to throw at them.

I’ve wasted irretrievable time screaming my head off, exasperated by my endless giving and doing and serving, only to have it thrown back in my face when they challenged me or didn’t do what I asked.

I’ve felt lonely in the face of their rejection and criticism as they constantly tell me what I’ve done wrong or where I’ve let them down.

Many times over the years it felt like me against them and I could feel them slipping away from me.

I was trying to do everything right. I was following all the rules, but as time went on I could see that I was ticking boxes. I wasn’t looking at my children. I wasn’t seeing who they actually were. In fact I was doing the opposite. I was trying to make them into something else. Something I thought they needed to be to be ok in the world.

This outlook has become the norm for the parents of today.

We love our kids and we want only the best for them…

But it’s not working. We are in the midst of a mental health crisis and anxiety in children is higher than it has ever been.

The more we push and the more boxes we tick the sadder our children are getting.

We can change this.

I’ve made these changes myself. I see daily how the changes I have made feed my relationship with my children.

Parenting feels different. We communicate with each other. They take more responsibility for themselves. They tell me more. I am more relaxed. We spend more time together.

Join me in this amazing programme where I show you how I broke the cycle and transformed my relationship with my kids – for good.

If I can change, so can you.

Parenting is hard. But it doesn’t have to be as hard as this.
This programme works. I have seen this process transform families time and time again.

“Finally I can see that everything starts totally with me, and all stems completely from me. I hadn’t fully grasped that before. And now I do.”


“I’m so grateful for this course, it’s not something you forget about. There is so much you take away.”


“How we parent has so much more to do with us than it does our children.”


“[This programme is] Giving me confidence that I can improve. I can be better. I just need to address my fears.”


Transform your family in just 8 WEEKS with The Parenting Revolution programme!

8 weeks of intimate teaching in a group context where you will learn how to break the handcuffs that are holding you back from truly enjoying your kids and your parenting experience.

This programme is perfect for anyone with kids who is ready to finally enjoy parenting and come away with the tools to go into the teenage years with confidence and ease.

Parenting is one of the toughest jobs and there is no training. We are bombarded with rules, ideals and expectations.

The Parenting Revolution finally offers you a fail safe way to reconnect with yourself and your children with no tricks, no hacks.

Working in the group is invaluable. You’ll be working alongside others in the exact same position as you so you can feel less alone in this journey in a safe, non-judgemental space.

We’re all in this together and you’ll come away from The Parenting Revolution with a community – It takes a village!

“I have absolutely loved being a part of the revolution and getting to know you all these past few weeks.
Thank you so much Amiee for teaching us this philosophy so amazingly and for creating such a safe, non judgemental space for us all.

And thank you to you all for sharing and speaking so honestly. It has been really invaluable to learn from one another and not feel so alone on this parenting journey.”


What will The Parenting Revolution do for me?

It will release you from the handcuffs of your current relationship with your kids

It will transform the way you perceive your children and how you communicate with them

You will gain deep insights into how you are currently parenting your kids and what needs to change to create a much happier family

You will free yourself of your old belief systems, feel more compassion for yourself and gain the power to change family dynamics

It will open your mind and bring deep awareness – people have learnt so much about themselves on this programme!

You will finally develop the skills to stop being reactive with your children

You will learn how to set healthy boundaries that embody what’s best for everyone… Including you!

You will totally redefine what parenting is actually about

NO more shouting. NO more silent treatment. NO more power struggles.

What is so different about The Parenting Revolution compared to all the other parenting courses out there?

This programme is about you.

Take the power back to change your life and permanently change your relationship with your children.

This is an intimate 8 week programme with no rules.

No tricks. No hacks.

Each module takes you through the specific hurdles that are getting in the way of us connecting with our children.

You will be astonished at how quickly your relationships start to transform.

What does this course look like?

Module 1 Part 1

What is your parenting style?

Where do we begin? How is the baseline of our relationship with our own child?

What needs to change and where can we go from here?

We will discover our parenting style.

We will examine how we react under pressure and how our parenting style has evolved.

Module 1 Part 2

How does your parenting style affect your child?

We explore where our parenting patterns have developed and how they are reinforced.

We will learn how these parenting styles affect our children and how they affect our relationships.

We will learn strategies to help break these parenting styles that are not helpful within the family dynamic.



What is a trigger and how triggers affect our relationships.

We will learn how society encourages our triggers to result in dominance and control. Blinding us to the needs of our children and creating disconnection.

We will explore the science of triggers, what is happening in our brain and how we can sidestep reactivity in real time.

We learn how to start to observe our triggers in real time.

We will develop tools to take away and help us manage our triggers around our children and those we love.

Module 3

The myths of modern parenting

We look at the key cultural belief systems that keep us trapped and blinded to who our children actually are.

We start to look at challenging these beliefs.

We will explore how these beliefs come into the home and how they affect our familial relationships.

We will explore how these ideals can be challenged and reintegrated in a more productive and beneficial way for each individual family.

We will explore our fears and challenges around challenging these cultural expectations.

We will look at ways to challenge these beliefs and focus on our children’s direct needs.



We start to learn how our past affects our present. How our experiences as children affect how we parent. We will touch on epigenetics and environmental generational patterns.

We will learn how we internalise societies norms and generalisations of good/bad & right/wrong and how we project them onto our children.

We start to unpack how and why we project into the future and how these projections affect our relationships.

We explore how we unconsciously project our fears onto our children.

Develop some skills to be able to see our projections before we make them our children’s concern.

Module 5

Boundaries, rules & punishment

We discover the true definition of discipline. And why it doesn’t work for kids.

We start to understand the concept of natural consequences vs mindless punishment/control.

We will uncover the truth behind why we have boundaries.

We will unpack the real reasons we can’t/don’t hold boundaries.

We will learn how to make boundaries and how to use boundaries more effectively, so that we can build trust and security in the family home.



In this final week we bring our attention back to our children. We focus on understanding who the child in front of us is. Looking into temperament and age appropriate behaviour.

We explore why and how our child reacts to our behaviour. What is their behaviour trying to tell us?

We get a deeper understanding of the interaction of each parent and child and how disconnection occurs.

We learn how to create reconnection and start to fulfil the actual needs of our children in real time with three simple but essential tools.

Revolutionise your relationship today!

What you get in the programme:

8 WEEKS of live interactive classes with me

7 LIVE 90 minute classes

1 LIVE 60 minute Q&A session, all your parenting questions answered by me in real time

Access to a private Whatsapp group so you can communicate with me and your course mates between classes

7 WORKBOOKS with activities to revisit whenever you need

Specified reading list to help you go deeper on your parenting journey

1 BONUS WORKSHOP – ‘How to Heal Anxiety and Live a Calmer Life for You and Your Kids’ with Kate Moryoussef

1 BONUS WORKSHOP – ‘How to Heal Behaviour and Mood Through Diet and Nutrition’ with Emma Cooper

1 BONUS WORKSHOP – Interview with Tara Porter, clinical psychologist and author of You Don’t Understand Me

1 BONUS WORKSHOP – Interview with Charisse Sims, parenting coach and early learning advocate

BONUS resources

Lifetime access

“Well your course has allowed me to let go Amiee, it’s so hard but I’m doing it and letting my eldest fall and trip up, so he can work it out, not fixing anymore, but being in the wings to support him when he needs it, it’s so hard!!! But I’m doing it! Thank you. The shift is real so thank you!! ”


“We all had different age children, some had one, some had four; All of different ages. I have a teenager. And the change in everybody in the last few weeks has been incredible.”


“[This programme is] one of the best gifts I have given not just myself, but to my children and my family. [The programme] was fascinating. It was transformative, life changing.”


“Life with my kids is much better but I’m also finding things smoother with my partner. I’m finding out so much about my past and how it’s shaped me as a parent / person.”


“My whole family has gained from me doing this course. I haven’t stopped talking about it, I think every parent should be taking this programme, it’s a game changer.”


Doors to The Parenting Revolution are closed.

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