Whoever said the toddler years were tough hasn’t tried to raise a teenager!

Do you want to help your teenager

have more self confidence?

be more resilient?

more independent?

less anxious?

less frustrated?

The Roadmap is an online programme specifically for parenting preteens and teens. It is a conscious parents’ guide to navigating the teenage years.

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Are you feeling drained from the constant power struggles?

Are you at a loss as to how to get your teen out of their room or off their screen?

Does it feel like your child is slipping away from you?

I can help!

Join my 4 week online programme

The Roadmap

The teenage journey can be a windy road but The Roadmap is a perfect conscious parents guide to navigating the teenage years so you can handle all the twists and turns with ease, connection and confidence.

“I have a teenager. And the change in even the last few weeks has been incredible.”


In only one month, you can expect…

Less power struggles

Less conflict

Deeper mutual respect

Better communication

Less stress

A more resilient self expressive teen

More independence from your teenager

A more relaxed atmosphere in your home

Less sleepless nights worrying

“The result has transformed my parenting”


What’s included in The Roadmap?

4 week course


Every week for 4 weeks, you’ll receive a detailed workbook to work through.

Live Q&As

We’ll have a live Q&A via Zoom each week to go deeper on each module and what came up for you all as a group.

Q&As will be held at 9.30am on Wednesdays (all sessions are recorded and watchable in your members portal so you don’t have to miss a thing if you can’t make a session).


Receive lifetime access so you can revisit the modules again and again throughout your parenting journey.

Plus you will also get a reading list, bonus content and suggested videos to watch in your own time.

The 4 week course covers:

Week 1

Your current relationship with your preteen/teen

Where might there be issues, what needs to change and how to start.

Week 2


Why, when and how to navigate it.

Week 3

Communication skills

How to talk to your teen so you can stay connected.

Week 4


What are boundaries really, why our kids don’t keep them, and how to make boundaries that actually work.

“This course is an absolute blessing, I can’t thank you enough, honestly. The growing relationship between my daughter, and not feeling like a shit mum all the time. Mind blowing.”

Together we are going to take back your power and transform your relationships.

I’m going to teach you everything I have learnt in over ten years coaching parents and teenagers. What I have experienced in my own home. And what we now know to be scientifically proven.

How do I know I can help? How can I be so sure?

Because I live it daily in my own life and for over a decade in my treatment room.

I have two children and I promise you that I have felt everything you are feeling right now.

I’ve sat up all night worrying about how they are, who they are going to be, and how I am going to protect them from every pain that life is going to throw at them.

I’ve wasted irretrievable time screaming my head off, exasperated by my endless giving and doing and serving, only to have it thrown back in my face when they challenged me or didn’t do what I asked.

I’ve felt lonely in the face of their rejection and criticism as they constantly tell me what I’ve done wrong or where I’ve let them down.

Many times over the years it felt like it’s me against them and I could feel them slipping away from me.

If only I knew then what I know now?!?!

Everything you learn in the next four weeks will help you to…

Transform your relationship with your kids and navigate the teenage years with confidence

“Amiee, thank you for all your wisdom and inspiration – it was incredible and has made me reflect on so many areas of my life.”


Doors to The Roadmap are closed.

Join the waitlist to be the first to know when they reopen!

You’ll also receive the latest news from me and the occasional marketing message. You can unsubscribe at any time.

“Thanks again for everything Amiee. You really have changed so much for me for the better. Couldn’t be more grateful for your knowledge and the course.”


“You’ve helped me make sense of age old patterns, & guided me on how to change them for the better. To make me more of a conscious mother, daughter & friend.”


“Finally I am being kind to myself. I have more self acceptance and I am finally learning to put my own oxygen mask on first.”


“I thought parenting was second nature, but there’s certain things that Amiee has taught me that have been incredible.”