Work with Me

I am here to help you become the kind of parent you want to be. 

In my personal approach to conscious parenting I explore how to be more mindful, to be more authentic and more connected. Developing and nurturing the benefits of personal growth & awareness, not just in yourself, but in all those who surround you.

Work with me 1:1 through parenting and therapeutic coaching, in The Village, your private online parenting community, or with my online course, The Parenting Revolution. 

If you have any questions about which session options may be right for you or if I am the right fit for you, please book a 15 minute complimentary call or email me at

The Village

Your private online parenting community. In The Village we learn to develop strategies that will irreversibly shift the relationships with your children and help them grow into competent, confident adults. All with the support of other parents who are totally in the same boat!

Transform the way you perceive your children and how you communicate with them, gain deep insights into how you are currently parenting your kids and what needs to change to create a happier & healthier family, and totally redefine what parenting is actually about.

The Parenting Revolution

In my 8 week online self-study course, you will learn how to break the handcuffs that are holding you back from truly enjoying your kids and your parenting experience.

Parenting is one of the toughest jobs and there is no training. We are bombarded with rules, ideals and expectations.

The Parenting Revolution finally offers you a fail safe way to reconnect with yourself and your children with no tricks and no hacks, so you can finally enjoy parenting.

The Roadmap

Whoever said the toddler years were tough hasn’t tried to raise a teenager!

The Roadmap is a new online programme specifically for parenting preteens and teens. 

The teenage journey can be a windy road but The Roadmap is a perfect conscious parents guide to navigating the teenage years so you can handle all the twists and turns with ease, connection and confidence.

Therapeutic & Parenting Coaching

Start to identify and reframe past trauma and residual behavioural patterns.

From our first session together we begin to join the dots by examining, exploring and understanding what habitual patterns may be stopping you from really stepping into connecting appreciating your role as a parent. By acknowledging toxic programming and trauma response patterns we start to action change. 

We continuously draw on proven strategies to reprogram and reframe subconscious triggers. Shifting your energy and approach to your children and those closest to you.

“Amiee is an astonishing healer. She asks just the right questions and has a canny knack of getting right to the heart of the problem in minutes, working intuitively for profound, immediate shifts. I came in feeling like a wilted flower and left revived, energised and so much more positive.”


“Amiee is incredibly insightful and intuitive, our sessions so far have left me with a feeling of clarity, direction, and self empowerment. Amiee has encouraged me to look within and connect with myself  in order to move forwards; I will continue to work with Amiee for guidance and self understanding as needed.”


“I have been thinking about our last session lots – it was amazing. I can’t believe all the connections and the impact it still has on my life. I can’t thank you enough for making me work through this – I would never have done this without you.”


“Life with my kids is much better but I’m also finding things smoother with my partner. I’m finding out so much about my past and how it’s shaped me as a parent / person.”


“You’ve helped me make sense of age old patterns and guided me on how to change them for the better. To make me more of a conscious mother, daughter and friend.”