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The Working Parents Survival Guide

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To all you working parents out there – The juggle is real! 

Do you always feel pulled in three different directions? Do you feel like you’re not focused enough at work? Are you always distracted at home?

It can feel like you are everywhere, but nowhere.

In this ebook, I am going to share some easy takeaways that will help you keep those balls in the air.

Within this ebook you’ll find…

Tips on how to schedule your time so you can be present and relaxed with your kids but still make focused time for work

How to let go of the guilt of not being readily available every day

Guidance on how to set boundaries between work and play so your children understand when you’re available

Why it’s ok to say no and how to implement this when you need to so that you can balance your energy and feel good about it

What ‘over managing’ means, how to recognise it and how to stop doing it

This ebook will help you balance the working parents juggle so that you can spend quality, relaxed time with your children without dropping any balls at work and without feeling exhausted!

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